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The wicked Más

Rotten to the core

"Descendants" - Mal stealing candy from a baby. READ "DESCENDANTS NEWS:  http://grown-up-disney-kid.tumblr.com/post/126336420467/descendants-a-huge-hit-and-descendants-wicked

Disney's Descendants - Mal stealing candy from a baby.

These are the real Descendants

These are the real Descendants

"Didney Worl". When I'm having a bad day I look at funny face swaps.

Didney Worl

Disney face switch, This made me laugh more than it should have. Omg Boo and Sulley are terrifying

Disney princess

Disney princess in live-action movies! But Emma Watson should have been bell (because she is going to be Bell in the live action Disney Movie Beauty and the Beast)

Mal & Ben - Descendientes

, mål, y ben

Descendants and descendants 2. Mal saves Ben again

Descendants and descendants Mal saves Ben again that is what I was thinkng

I think Evie teaches girls that intelligence is cool and beauty isn't everything. As much as I wish she liked Doug, she's a good friend and person at the end of the day. SHE IS BEAUTIFUL INSIDE OUT.  Evie is by far my favorite Descendant

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The villain kids in Descendants: Evie

357 To se mi líbí, 3 komentářů – Carlos 4.4k (@carlosxvillain) na Instagramu: „It's going down! ⚔️ - - - [ @eviexvillain ] [ @malxvillain ] [ @jayfarxvillain ] - - -…“

It's going down

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The Descendants and their parents. I think, Jay is the most lucky with his lamp-crazy Dad.

Disney Descendants. Mal, Evie, Jay, Carlos and Ben. Dove Cameron, Sofia Carson, Booboo Stewart, Cameron Boyce and Mitchell Hope.

They all just relalize that their parents are just using them to escape the isle. It's like the moment is the Isle of the Lost when the stone goblins of the castle ruins ask Carlos what his mother loves most and he had to answer "her furs".

Descendants Cast Collage

Descendants Cast Collage

'Us Being friends makes me happy' --- mal Disney descendants

'Us Being friends makes me happy' --- mal Disney descendants

El rodaje de Descendants está a pleno rendimiento y aunque no hay casi ninguna foto oficial, lo que sí que hay son imágenes no oficiales gracias al Instagram de Sarah Jeffrey donde podemos ver a Dove Cameron, Booboo Stewart, Sofia Carson, Cameron Boyce, Zachary Gibson, Jedidah Goodacre, Dianna Dion y Brenna D´Amico.

Descendants cast on the beach 05


One of the best movies disney has ever made.

"What was in that cookie?" --- mal & evie, did i mention? From ben from Disney descendants

" --- mal & evie, did i mention? From ben from Disney descendants