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Tiger: "See what a SOFT side I have to my nature? I'm in a vulnerable position, showing you my tummy." By: Sophie Guillemette on

Tigers Love water

A young male tiger cools off in India's Ranthambore National Park, where tigers now number less than 40 due to poaching - via Amazing Wildlife

Ggrrrrrr (OMG - that would've  given me a heart attack, yup!) J

Yes, you are in his line of sight!White male tiger - Aron it& like my rabbit

"hey, Wanna Hear A Secret?" "sure"  "ok Come Here........roar!!!!"

Tigers, beautiful nature at work! The white tiger is a true albino tiger, not a lion.

Amazing World Siberian tiger couple

Winter Love - White tigers at Feline Park, France. By [Deadboxrunner] white tiger love

Nätti .

A white tiger with baby cub. The white tiger is not an albino as they simply carry a pigment that makes their fur white. White tigers are not easily hidden and have to work harder for their food. The white tiger is primarily found in India.

Miau! by Isaac Eduardo on 500px

awesome pic of white tiger in water; sure wouldn't want to see that coming at me tho!