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Rebel 12"x18" sleeved flag.

Rebel 12"x18" sleeved flag.

It was never about color, it's about Southern Pride!!!

It was never about color, it's about Southern Pride! Who says it's a racist flag?

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These flags also celebrate a cause that fought to maintain the oppressive system of slavery, keeping 4 million people in chains.  Yes, these flags are about heritage, a heritage of racial hatred and white supremacy.  They have no place in our free society except as a reminder of the sins of our past (and present).

The fact that the Confederate flag maintaining popularity today is a modification of the CSA's battle standard tells you everything you need to know about the people who proudly fly it.

confederate flag heritage not hate | 2409 "Don't tread on me"

This Confederate battle flag features an overlay of the well known Gadsden flag. We're an online and brick and mortar retailer of redneck, conservative, and confederate merchandise.

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