Victo Ngai is an illustrator, originally from Hong Kong, now based in New York.

diamond watership down

Peter Diamond - 'Watership Down' Ni-Frith (Sun Regular) - I'm in love with the Art Nouveau style in contemporary illustration

Illustrator: Valerio Fabbretti, children's #book #concept #artist #comics

Which books contain these beautiful work? Valerio Fabbretti, children's book illustrator, concept artist and comics artist.

I'm working around lots of aspiring fashion designers these days. I guess it has opened my eyes a little to that craft... and these connect with that somehow.

"French artist Stephane Dauthuille uses layers of lines and pattern to create these gorgeously ornate images. Orange legs, an orange “jupe”, and graphite details that I could look at all day long!

Artodyssey: Peter Frolov - Piotr Frolov

Artodyssey: Peter Frolov - Piotr Frolov