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Carl Barks - Wanderers of Wonderlands (1915х2401)

Wanderers of Wonderlands Carl Barks. I don’t think the painting refers to a specific story, it’s more a loose collection of several story elements.

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Carl Barks The Stone That Turns All Metals Gold cartoons, international, disney donald duck lf

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Several early concept drawings and the final painting by Carl Barks for “In Uncle Walt’s Collectery.”

Carl Barks Limited Edition Signed Lithograph In Uncle Walt’s Collectory - Continuous-tone lithograph of the Donald Duck family in a room full of Disneyana.

Blue Composition of Ducks | An unusual nighttime portrait including only characters Carl Barks himself created.  From rear left to right (clockwise) are Gyro Gearloose’s little light bulb helper, inventor Gyro, the thieving Beagle Boys, the fiercely-visaged South American medicine man, Magica DeSpell, the venerable Scrooge McDuck, and lucky Gladstone Gander. Barks did not create Donald’s nephews, but Huey, Dewey and Louie are here representing the loyal order of Ju...

Blue Composition with Ducks by Carl Barks These are all Carl Barks' creation to the Disney characters. Huey, Dewey and Louie weren't created by Barks, but the Junior Woodchucks were, so this is H,D and L as Woodchucks.

Trespassers Will Be Ventilated by Carl Barks

Trespassers Will Be Ventilated Another Carl Barks painting based on his 1952 story, Back to the Klondike. Good thing Scrooge didn’t forget to…duck.