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the meaning of love.This is pretty sweet - images like this in my mind are why I gave up eating all beef

Precious farmgirl and her bovine friend.Heaven DOES visit earth in moments like this. Cow and young girl

Lecture d'un message - mail Orange

Hug a baby cow.yes, I know it's totally silly but I love cows and for some reason I just think hugging a baby cow is so sweet.

When the cows come home!

"Animals have families and feelings, and to think that kindness before killing them is an answer is totally wrong. Humans have no need for animal products." - Howard Lynman, former cattle rancher turned vegan

Moutons et agneaux. Charmant.

Sheep: "Triplet Lambs With Mom." This is just amazing - three little lambs with their proud mother!

A boy and a goose: They look like they're the best of friend, including his bear! What a great photo!