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"AA" Meeting!!

Funny pictures about AA Meeting. Oh, and cool pics about AA Meeting. Also, AA Meeting photos.


Happy face baby photo with a caption: I have a surprise for you. It's poop. Are you tired of cleaning after your sweetie or you enjoy dong it?

this. is. not. real. lmao

Proactiv ad telling girls that their acne is the reason they don't have a boyfriend

I Heard You Like Minons - Funny Picture| Meme Boat

Can I please have a minion! Particularly the Wolver-minion (he's the hybrid of 2 of my fav things- Minion + Wolverine)

I don't know why I love photobombs so much. :D    Celebrity photobombs

Celebrity photobombs

Funny pictures about Celebrity photobombs. Oh, and cool pics about Celebrity photobombs. Also, Celebrity photobombs photos.

Did it?

Too funny to handle: I was looking up mug cakes and came across this pin.the cake jumped out of the mug. :)>>>>>This made me laugh so hard!

Some of the things your dog might say if he could text.....laughing cuz this would be my dog!!

Texts from dog. Pour yourself a cup of coffee and read through these funny txts. Oh if only dogs could really text.

I've read a lot of humorous pins but for some reason this one cracks me up!

Street Names - - Autocorrect Fails and Funny Text Messages - SmartphOWNED


Why Men Should Not Own Action Figures ;) Why Men Should Not Own Action Figures ;) Why Men Should Not Own Action Figures ;

reminds me of my husband

Funny pictures about Why men shouldn't take messages. Oh, and cool pics about Why men shouldn't take messages. Also, Why men shouldn't take messages.

there can be only one!

Hahahaha I'm sure jessi or one of my siblings did this to me.and exactly why Kaleigh needs some siblings. This photo makes me want to adopt even more! Joys of siblings.

Has Anyone Licked You To See If You're Still Good?  #Funny-Pics http://www.flaproductions.net/funny-pics/has-anyone-licked-you-to-see-if-youre-still-good/35002/?utm_source=PN&utm_medium=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.pinterest.com%2Falliefernandez3%2Fgreat%2F&utm_campaign=FlaProductions

I laugh every time I see it :-) I have put my tongue on 9 volt batteries to see if there is still a charge. guess I'm a pervert.

Who is ready for April Fool's? More epic prank ideas at Runt of the Web: http://runt-of-the-web.com/genius-pranks-for-april-fools-day

My family hates rats and mice so I've taking to hiding beet roots around the house --- life just got better