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Google onderzoekt het brein voor werking zoekmachine

Neural data networks -/- In a Big Network of Computers, Evidence of Machine Learning

A photograph by Yunghi Kim, taken in Kosovo in 1999. Kim says that her work has been frequently reproduced without permission on the Internet. How can photographers protect their work? http://nyr.kr/1vE4IUH (Photograph courtesy Yunghi Kim/Contact Press Images)

Taking Pictures: A Way for Photographers to Protect Their Work

Yunghi Kim has gone public with her copyright experiences in pursuing unauthorized use of her images because, she says, she believes her experiences can be helpful to her fellow photographers.

This is a scene from the movie Ghost in the shell directed by Mamoru Oshii, produced by Bandai Visual Company and distributed by Manga Video;

It’s a good thing for ­innovation that the age of monolithic ­corporate labs is over.


Physicists have smashed the record for the amount of information a single photon can carry. Their experiment has immediate implications for quantum cryptography.

Injectable brain implant: Electronic mesh has potential to unravel workings of mammalian brain. If eventually shown to be safe, the soft mesh might even be used in humans to treat conditions such as Parkinson’s disease,

Tested on mice, the rolled mesh fits inside a syringe and unfurls to monitor brain activity

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Gaming PCs and Laptops - CyberPowerPC - Unleash the Power

Wall Street Algorithms Are in Control

Algorithms Take Control of Wall Street

Artificial intelligence is here. But it's nothing like we expected.

Virtual robot legs

Computer scientists find mass extinctions can accelerate evolution -- ScienceDaily

Adjectives drive book sales

Can sensory-based description make books more accessible, memorable, and, ultimately, more successful?

Don Knuth: The Analysis of Algorithms on Vimeo

This is "Don Knuth: The Analysis of Algorithms" by Emily Erwin on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Holodecks may be created #startrek

"Project Holodeck" aim to make the Star Trek Holodeck a reality. A University of Southern California team is working to create a full-body virtual reality simulator similar to the Star.

Psychologue numérique pour le dépistage : réactions très positives des utilisateurs (vidéo) | PsychoMédia

Ellie is a highly trained and skillful virtual "therapist" that can detect depression. She might be considered a great asset for cash-strapped mental health services, but would you discuss your problems with her?

Virtualization As Fast As Possible

Running one operating system on top of another with virtual machines is useful for gamers, home users, and IT pros alike.

Doctor Who -the-brain-time-lord-capaldi-science

Doctor Who neuroscience special: the brain of a Time Lord

Actor Peter Capaldi speaks on stage during Doctor Who World Tour fan event at Teatro Metropolitan on 17 August 2014 in Mexico City, Mexico