So, I just learned that pocket beagles exist

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Pocket Beagle Puppie

We specialize in breeding Pocket Beagles, especially Old English Pocket Beagles

Heard about pocket beagles? They are a miniature version of the standard beagle. The pocket beagle originated in England. Bred as a hunting dog, it could slink in shrubs and bushes and were used to hunt small games like rabbits.

because apparently trying to keep the average sized beagle inside the fence isnt hard enough

Beagels have been one of Russ' all time favorite breeds.  Maybe one day in the future I'll surprise him with one. I think our Miniature Schnauzer, Nickolas, would love a playmate. LJH

There is nothing cuter than a beagle puppy. Makes me smile, but also makes me miss my sweet Jobie.

Queen Elizabeth Pocket Beagles - All Available Puppies in One Place!

Queen Elizabeth Pocket Beagles - All Available Puppies in One Place!

one day I hope Santa puts a pocket beagle in my stocking or under the tree :D

Beagle puppies are amazing companions. Their small size and gentle, loving demeanor prove them to be great assets to any household and a lifelong friend to your children.

I must have a little pocket beagle one day :)

My daughter has a pocket Beagle and she is so sweet and lovable. Best companion ever. Now a couch potato and the best nap buddy

Penny Kandy's Mona Lisa - our ridiculously cute Olde English Pocket Beagle puppy who was born minus her right front leg.

Rabbit hunt with a retrieving beagle! taped on my farm with our three beagles!

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Pocket beagle puppies hand raised by our familly. We raise excellent pocket beagle puppies to add love and companionship to homes all over the US and Canada.