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In 2017, be an expert in #breastmilk handling without losing vital ingredients.

As breast milk has storage guidelines, also it has thawing ones. Learn how to unfreeze your breastmilk properly without losing vital ingredients.

Breastfeeing FAQs from Medela

When I breastfeed, Is my baby getting enough milk? How often do I need to feed my baby?These are the types of questions regularly asked by mothers at some stage during their breastfeeding experience.

What You need to know about postpartum bleeding. Lochia is the name given to bleeding after birth. Discover all you need to know to keep yourself healthy during your postpartum. Pregnancy and new mom infographic.

Guide to Bleeding After Pregnancy – What To Expect

Bleeding after pregnancy happens to all women. Click yo read what's normal, what's not. Plus find out how to manage your postpartum bleeding. * You can get additional details at the image link.

Bottle Feeding | Feeding Chart | How much formula | Formula amount | Formula feeding chart | How much to feed my baby

Bottle Feeding: Am I Feeding My Baby Too Much or Too Little?

I remember the day that I finally had to give my 4 day old twins a bottle. The memory that is most vivid is the feeling of being completely confused because I wasn't given any information on how many ounces a newborn needs during bottle feeding.

Swaddle baby infograph

How to swaddle and why! Swaddling can decrease anxiety and scratching and increase REM sleep and Knowledge retention.

Breastfeeding Positions — Northwest PA Doulas |Birth Doulas | Postpartum Doulas | Placenta Encapsulation

7 Things to Know About Breastfeeding in Public

Erie PA, Meadville PA and Western NY's premier doula agency providing birth doulas, postpartum doulas, placenta encapsulation, childbirth education classes and more!

Top 10 Breastfeeding Problems Solved

Top 10 Breastfeeding Problems Solved

Breastmilk Storage Guidelines

Breastmilk Storage Guidelines

You have been working very hard to pump your breastmilk, so it's important to store your breastmilk properly in a safe and sanitary place.

Good reminders for baby #2

Pumping mamas, maximize your pumping productivity with these 8 pumping tips. If you are looking for ways to pump more breast milk, this is the way to go. Click through to read the full article (there's even a FREE pumping lesson + worksheet to help you pr

How long milk is good

Learn best practices for storing breast milk, care of Sharp Mary Birch Hospital for Women and Newborns. Breast feeding guide (Education/Information)

Taken from the Rebecca Glover site. Please see the website for more details or contact The Lactation Consultancy to get hold of your copy.

The simple picture that put me back on the road to Breastfeeding Success

An tearpad version of the popular Attachment Teaching Aid. Both sides of the teaching aid are on this one-sided tearpad.

Wondering how often a newborn should poop or how to help baby poop? Use The Bump baby poop guide to find out if baby’s poop color is normal.