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I like that this image reveals only the face of the woman and obviously assuming that her hair is black, adds a very edgy vibe to this image. The contrast of her pale skin makes her freckles really stand out.

A 21 ans elle Réalise de Fascinants Photos Portraits de ses Proches

student and photographer Cristina Hoch captures powerfully expressive portraits of family and friends. With high contrast, low saturation, and cool tones, her compelling photos focus on.

Imagens da semana 461 - Metamorfose Digital

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina-based photographer Maja Topcagic captures gorgeous portraits of young redheaded women and their fiery locks of hair.

Фотограф Magda Berny

Portrait Photography Inspiration Picture Description I have a soft place in my heart for little girls with freckles. reminds me of summer days of my chil