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Goering et la 101ème : Forces américaines

American soldiers moving stolen and hidden art works found at the end of WWII.

Troopers of the 101st Airborne recovering some of Europe's art that was stolen by  Hermann Goering, April 1945 Unterstein, Germany.

shitndie: American troops of the Airborne load a truck with recovered art treasures reportedly stolen by German Reichsmarschall Hermann Goering, April

Goering et la 101ème : Forces américaines

American soldiers load some of the art collection looted by the Nazis and Hermann Goering into a train boxcar, near Berchtesgaden, Germany,

Obacht, ein Vermeer. Entladen von Kunstwerken in Altaussee (undatiert). Foto: dpa Foto: dpa

Obacht, ein Vermeer. Entladen von Kunstwerken in Altaussee (undatiert). Foto: dpa Foto: dpa

Ces photos mythiques qui ont marqué l'histoire – Aujourd'hui, l'enfant juif du ghetto de Varsovie.

L'enfant juif de Varsovie, "symbole universel" de la Shoah

Surrounded by heavily armed SS and SD guards, SS Major General Jürgen Stroop (center), watches housing blocks burn during the suppression of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. The original German caption reads: "The leader of the grand operation." ~ World War II

1941 Lviv Pogrom

"Kaunas (Kovno) Lithuania, June A Lithuanian named the "Death Dealer" who took part in the torture and massacre of 68 Jews in the Lietukis garage of Kaunas poses for the camera still holding the iron pipe he used to bludgeon his victims to death.

Art haul looted by Nazis goes online in bid to return masterpieces to owners. Captured: Soldiers from General Patton's Third Army stand among gold reserves stashed away in a salt mine.

The Nazis' secret treasure trove: How Holocaust survivors can now track down works of art looted during World War Two

Earlier find: General Patton's third army discovered 100 tons of Nazi gold hidden in a salt mine near mockers, southwest of Gotha in 1945

Une collection touchante de photographies légendaires. Attention : certaines photos vont vous mettre les larmes aux yeux.

40 photos historiques extrêmement émouvantes

The Defiance: Himmler and a prisoner locked in a staring contest, 1941 : OldSchoolCool

Rose Valland and Edith Standen inspecting a statue at Wiesbaden Collecting Point

Monuments Men: On the Front Line to Save Europe's Art,

Nazi looted art WWII-A Rembrandt self-portrait was recovered by serg Harry Ettlinger, right, and an offcier at a German salt mine that had been used as a storehouse.

Harry Ettlinger, right, and Dale Ford, US soldiers who served as Monuments Men, are shown inspecting a Rembrandt in a salt mine where the Nazis stored stolen and hidden art. (Photo credit: National Archives and Records Administration via JTA)

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Soldiers help to clear the debris of Bank Underground Station, in front of The…

Jacques Jaujard (1895-1967) L'uomo che salvò il Louvre.

As Director of the French National Museums (Musées Nationaux) during the Nazi occupation of France, Jaujard was instrumental in the protection of thousands of artworks, including those from the Louvre Museum.

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The Hardcover of the Rescuing Da Vinci: Hitler and the Nazis Stole Europe's Great Art-America and Her Allies Recovered It by Robert M. Edsel at Barnes &

French Resistance poster from WW2//FEB16

history-museum: “The Francs-tireurs et Partisans Français Have Shed their Blood for the People of Paris” [Communist French Resistance,