Roel Huisman table

Tables is a minimalist design created by Netherlands-based designer Roel Huisman. This writing table is the first of a series of tables in polyester resin and a continuation of the Shelves series. Polyester resin is used for its amiable appearance.

табурет и дизайн из прозрачной смолы

McCollin Bryan Coffee Table - Lens table with emerald tinted resin top backed by acrylic mirror on brass base.

muutodesign's photo on Instagram

The Muuto Nerd Chair and Copper Drop Cap Pendant create a lovely coordinated soft pastel backdrop. Not that usual sickly pink!

Stackable Table Trestles

Stackable Table Trestles

Since we are on the subject of transforming dining tables, consider this clever invention - stackable table trestles. Designed by Czech studio Master&Master, these compact metal objects are a t.

Courtesy of Wonmin Park.

Haze furniture series by Wonmin Park Haze overview basic geometric shapes seem to define Wonmin Park’s ‘Haze’ series. The entire object gives the impression that unveils itself through the opaqueness.

Table for a flower /

Smart use of table to utilise space in a small area. Great idea for a flower shop. Table for a Flower by Adam and Sam Cigler of Studio Vjem

Source Materials by MSDS Studio

MSDS Studio has unveiled a lighting and furniture range that includes a chair based on a design that dates back to the

Traditional korean furniture reinterpreted by din + dip design studio

Check Out Ideas Ltds Swedish Design Studio and Office Scott and Scott Architects din + dip design studio Paint your dreams

Austere lamp by Hans Verstuyft for Trizo21

Austere lamp by Hans Verstuyft

Austere lamp by Hans Verstuyft, a Belgian architect, is simple and pure with a clear function. Still all lamps of the collection have a graceful gesture.