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Taking photos of homeless old people with no hope in eyes is not an easy job, but when you get chance to show lines of Aging in black & white photography then the result of portraits of Old People become extra-ordinary

10 van de beroemdste portretfotografen in de wereld. Zelfs als je hun namen niet kent, zal je hun werk kennen! - Blijf Positief

Lee Jeffries is a street photographer known for his emotional portraits. Ever since a chance encounter with a homeless girl in London four years ago, Lee has been taking portraits of people living on the streets of Europe and the United States.

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A woman from the Mursi tribe with a plate in her lip carries a young baby while also balancing a basket on her head

So, they have you working in threes now. Yeah, can I get a box of the thin mints? And some of those samoa thingies...?

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