Features:1.【Fresh and natural fragrance】Every drop of essential oil used in this automobile perfume is derived from plant extracts, the fragrance is fresh and natural, not pungent, effectively removes the odor of the new car, and purifies the air in the car.2. 【Solid perfume lasts longer】This car sweet smell uses nanofiber rods to effectively lock the essential oil molecules, the fragrance is more durable, the fragrance is evenly distributed, and there will be no cracking and leakage problems.3.【Unique fragrance control adjustment】This automotive air freshener air outlet diffuser can be rotated to adjust the intensity of the fragrance you like, that new car smell will fade, and turn on the air conditioner to make the fragrance more obvious.4.【Applicable to all kinds of air outlets】This aut Car Shampoo, Car Diffuser Essential Oils, New Car Smell, Perfume Diffuser, Custom Car Seat Covers, Car Vent Clip, Car Air Conditioning, Car Perfume, Car Fragrance