Pet Beds from suitcase halves or desktop computer monitor cases with chair bases. Also sculpture from music cassette tapes. Fun site.

UPcycled Old Suitcases & Cocktail tables combine to make unique and wonderful pet beds.

decoración y textura

:: :: the layering of natural linens, the combining of textures, accent with black, makes for a lovely colour palette . inspiration for project colour scheme

La silla Turquesa

I've got several suitcases just waiting to be come coffee tables! Vintage Suitcase Coffee Table DIY from Design Sponge.

Antigua maleta de piel para llenarla de recuerdos, en Space Rocket Store

LEDER Extra Large Antique Caramel Leather Bag - Vintage Beautiful, but all I can think about is screwing in some legs and making it a table.

Linos teñidos en degradé

50 shades of grey fabric. French century dyed linen and hemp sheets from Altes Bauernleinen.

Engaging Train Ride                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Engaging Train Ride

Old suitcases just scream vintage! If you want a vintage bedroom style look out for a couple of old suitcases in antique shops or bargain shops. Then pile them up anyway you want! Cheap, fast and super easy to change a rooms mood in minutes.