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Modern Fossil - Asportatio Acroamatis, 2009 (commonly referred to as the Cassette Tape) by Christopher Locke

Christopher Locke - Modern fossils Asportatio acroamatis (commonly referred to as the Cassette Tape)


Picdump #227

Funny Pictures with captions of the Day. Here are some funny pictures to make you laugh out loud. The captions make those pictures even funnier.

Su clase de historia es muy interesante y divertida. En clase, el escribe mucho.

If World War 2 Was A Bar Fight.finally an easy way to understand history! Great way to help kids understand but instead of calling it a "bar fight" I would probably make it a food fight for fun.

This is why I say history is so important to know. To appreciate what we have, we have to know where we've been.

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Ever make mistakes in life? Let's make them birds. pretty good advice to be honest.

Bob Ross: Happy little clouds.I remember when you loved watching him paint his Happy Little Tree's =)

Pet rock!  :)  My brother got some kind of rock every year at Christmas.

Pet Rock: Is arguably one of the most pointless yet genius toys ever invented. The Pet Rock was a brief fad during the 1975 Christmas season, but it made Gary Dahl a millionaire overnight.

A statue of the Egyptian goddess, Isis, found in the sunken city of Heraklion. The city sank under the Mediterranean sea over 1200 years ago.  Believed to be a legend until it was discovered by accident in 2001, the city of Heraklion, home of the temple where Cleopatra was inaugurated, was one of the most important trade centres in the Mediterranean area before it disappeared into what is now the Bay of Aboukir.

Mapped for the first time, the real-life Atlantis: 3D map shows how Egyptian trade centre buried for 1,200 years would have looked

*HERACLEION (Cleopatra's Temple Alexandria, Egypt) ~ The statue of the Egyptian Goddess Isis sits on display on a barge in an Alexandria naval base, found in the sunken city, June