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Stupid pretentious adverts made better. Previous pinner: dis person understands my life and my frustrations

How to ruin hipster photos--the last 4 are great, especially the Oceanlol--My favourite pastime is ruining hipster posts.

Ode to Fathers

Funny pictures about Here's to all the dads. Oh, and cool pics about Here's to all the dads. Also, Here's to all the dads.

Vaccines work. Here are the facts.

For All Those Anti-Vaccine People. Here's A Little Science - Let's turn that frown upside down !

Can't imagine being the victim but must be hilarious being the guy to pull these pranks!

It's like a real life Jim and Dwight! Ten formal office complaints in a month! Now This Guy Would Be Fun To Work With. He's Hilarious!

Here are some geeky kids captured in funny and / or unusual situatons.

Here are some geeky kids captured in funny and / or unusual situations. Kids are hilarious!

Be my roommate hahahaha

Not quite sure if I'm promoting this guy as a roommate by pinning this but really I just think that it's funny and creative. I hope you find a wonderful roommate.


Or for most of the time "Leave all the clothes in the basket in the closet!" Then I get tired of them being disorderly.

From Laugh or Croak on Facebook.

A real cowboy has no fear :) The photo is out of focus but, it you look very carefully the bull is behind a fence. Brahman Bull and Cowboy ♥

Awesome sweatshirts! Score!

Funny pictures about Ridiculously Amazing Sweatshirts. Oh, and cool pics about Ridiculously Amazing Sweatshirts. Also, Ridiculously Amazing Sweatshirts.

Funny Dog Cartoons bring out the human-like qualities in man's best friend. Our dogs possess some of these intelligent qualities.

The first rule of Thesaurus club: You don't talk, whittle, chatter, converse, gab, gossip or natter about Thesaurus Club.

Sometimes we take life for granted. Don't.