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Stormdranes Blog: Paracord grip wrap on a boot knife...

I share photos of my hobby with decorative and useful knot work, with paracord and other sizes/types of cordage and accessories.

paracord knife handle

One of the UK Preppers most essential bit of bug out equipment is 550 Paracord. There are many 550 Paracord Projects to make useful survival kit when prepping.


Paracord Wrap

In this article we pull together 101 Paracord Projects, including survival bracelets, lanyards and belts. These DIY projects are all made with 550 paracord.

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Coyote Brown iPhone Paracord Cable by supplybychrit on Etsy. no more tangled cords!

Picture of Turk's Head Grip Wrap

Turk's Head Grip Wrap

I had a plain white oak bokken laying around and thought it could use some flair. I also had a good bit of paracord to spare, so I decided to play around with a.