INFJ - both a blessing and a curse

* I wouldn't necessarily call it "INFJ," but this definitely describes my mind!

Overwhelm, being creepily observant, people pleasing, feeling like an outsider, loosing touch with their true selves, confusing or offending people with their behavior, overthinking..

Overwhelm, being creepily observant, people pleasing, feeling like an outsider…

For infj is called "de-personalization". We're not really "in" our bodies... <i'M AN INFP and I relate to this..

DIY your photo charms, compatible with Pandora bracelets. For infj is called "de-personalization". <i'M AN INFP and I relate to this.

INFJ friendship.  Spot on.

I don't always "avoid" fun stuff. But it takes me longer (and sometime convincing) to want to go than the average person. The Counselor, INFJ personality type

I stress over the smallest things which is incredibly annoying

INFJ's are one of the more stressed out types; curiously, they are the only NF type that have particularly high stress.


21 signs you’re an INFJ personality type {INFJ Refuge images}

Every challenge my job presents in a single paragraph. Yet I still love it... #teaching #infj

I agree with this in sentiment but I AM good at multi-tasking & even good at winging it, so in those I'm apparently different than most INFJs

The difference between successful people and unsuccessful people isn't luck. It's this: 845 Relax and Succeed - Let your light shine so brightly

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uggh, so true, forever, even if I know you are dangerous and toxic and to be avoided, forever