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True Or maybe Juliard

My friends asked me what university I wanted to go to and I said "Monsters University! But a day before I´ve seen that movie and I couldn´t resist the temptation XD

This goes out to everyone I've ever helped with a computer issue :)

Funny pictures about Frozen computer. Oh, and cool pics about Frozen computer. Also, Frozen computer.

My kindergarten class

Toddler (n.) - Emotionally unstable pint-sized dictator with the uncanny ability to know exactly how far to push you towards utter insanity before reverting to a loveable creature

Muggen hier, muggen daar....

Translation: At night I sleep with an open window! 24 mosquitoes like this!

Dump A Day Looks Like... (15 Pics)

Funny pictures about Celebrity look alikes. Oh, and cool pics about Celebrity look alikes. Also, Celebrity look alikes photos.


Best Lol Funny Minions Memes AM, Wednesday September 2015 PDT) - 10 pics - Funny Minions

These Jokes Are So Terrible, They’re Actually Funny

These Jokes Are So Terrible, They’re Actually Funny