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Halawet el Jeben is an old traditional Lebanese dessert. It is made out of cheese, semolina, sugar and rose blossom water and is served under the shape of sweet soft strips. The city of Tripoli, the northern capital of Lebanon, is considered as the best manufacturer of this kind of desserts.

Halawet al Jeben, means delicious sweet cheese and it is an absolute delice.

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أشهى كيكة بالزبادي- Delicious Yogurt Cake

This luscious and buttery Southern Butter Cake is a Kentucky favorite. Served with a vanilla cake glaze and baked in a loaf pan.

Honecomb Buns with Cream Cheese | Khaliat Nahal (Bee’s Hive Bread); via ComfortingwithFood

Khaliat Nahal (Bee’s Hive Bread)

Arabic "beehive" dessert / pastry balls stuffed with cream cheese, soaked in sweet syrup

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Photo: Kanafeh Recipe Ingredients: 1 package Kataifi (shredded fillo dough) 3 sticks of sweet cream butter melted 1 package o.