Alphonse Mucha

Check out Art Nouveau illustrator Alphonse Mucha's beautiful occult-inspired art from the turn of the century, which drew on themes from Kabbalah and magick

Cloches de Noël et de Pâques cover by Alphonse Mucha, 1900 | ©Alphonse Mucha Estate

Cloches de Noël et de Pâques (Bells of Christmas and Easter), Alphonse Mucha, 1900

La Trappistine 1897 Woman in a white, high-neck dress holding flowers in her right hand and resting her left hand on a bottle which sits on a table; behind her head is a decorative halo

Monowheel de Grievous • Quand la science rattrape Star Wars ! • Star Wars Universe

The First Monocycle ““This elegant monowheel cycle- the word "bicycle” seems somehow inappropriate, though there are certainly two wheels involved- dates back to It was built by Rousseau of Marseilles. “In 1869 the craftsman Rousseau of.

Alphonse Mucha Art 125.jpg ✖️Alphonse Mucha (Czech, 1860 - 1939). ✖️FOSTERGINGER AT PINTEREST ✖️

Another classic print by Alphose Mucha. Alphonse is known for his Art Nouveau paintings, advertisements, and illustrations. All of our prints are beautifully rendered on 13 by 19 professional heavywei