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Chalcosoma atlas keyboh (Sumatra) +75mm, LARGE Chalcosoma atlas keyboh, rhinoceros beetle, Indonesia

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This package includes one male specimen of these huge beetles, Chalcosoma atlas keyboh collected in Indonesia. The Atlas beetle (Chalcosoma atlas) is a very large species of beetle in the family Scarabaeidae, found in Southeast Asia. Males have three prominent horns. The specimen pictured is 70-75mm. Please note that the 70- 75mm, 60-65mm, and 50-55mm will have either larger or smaller horns due to the size difference of each specimen. These are all still considered A Quality, which means that everything should be in the package and attached. The specimen will come unmounted and packaged, meaning the wings will not be spread like the ones that are pictured. The specimen will come unmounted and packaged: Rhinoceros beetles are members of the family Scarabaeidae and the subfamily Dynastinae. Females are usually similar in appearance but lack the large horns that males use for defense and competition among males for food and mates. The males have three impressive horns! Reminds me of a Triceratops! They look great with their wings spread out, too. Very easy to mount. Beetle mounting kits are now available! I am a LICENSED IMPORTER all specimens I carry are NOT endangered AND are absolutely legal to own. For more information please head to my shop FAQ's! :)
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