a green and white pillow with tassels on the edges, sitting against a white wall
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Contemporary Green Silk Sabra Pillow Covers- a Pair

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This cactus pillow was made purely Moroccan by the hands of traditional craftsmen, skilled Berbers, which bears ancient symbols, which makes it a unique masterpiece in addition to the possibility of using it as home furnishings.
- It is completely handmade.
- Without any chemicals
- It is recommended to clean it Dry cleaning while avoiding contact with water.
- Woven by hand from aloe Vera silk Sabra silk or vegetable silk.
Features and Dimensions:
- Approximate dimensions 22 in / 14 in with a slight streak margin due to the manual component.
- The product is without filler.
- with or without Zipper opening on back.
- Some slight differences in colors may be due to the photographic equipment.
- Shipping:
- Ships with the fastest means available and in the best conditions DHL - FED-EX-ARAMEX
- The product is shipped in 3 to 5 working days.
- We provide the customer with the tracking number of the product via the Internet.
- We remain under reference to inquire about any information related to this product.
The product is a natural artistic masterpiece by owning it that has decorated your home and helped to preserve the environment as well as encourage traditional manufacturers to Continuation. less
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