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Hand Forged Nails 10 pcs, 2 inch Nails Set, 10 pcs Forged Nails, Forged Iron Nails Set of Ten, Blacksmith Traditional Craft, Blacksmith Nail

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Hand-forged nails have always been a key element among all the items that any blacksmith shop can offer! Being forged by hand, they can vary slightly in size, although staying within 50-60mm (approx. 2 inches) of length. The size of the head is around 15mm (+/- 3mm), approx. 1/2 inches.
The nails are covered with a transparent varnish, which adds protection from rust and allows to save the original colour tones of forged mild steel.
If you are interested to find out, how items are forged at our smithy, we have a few videos of the blacksmithing process on our YT channel (@SunHillForge).
You are very welcome to have a look at our small countryside workshop!
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