Premium Masala Agarbatti. Non-toxic and hand rolled in India. For creating inviting & refreshing aura. Sale For: 1 Box (15 gm Each X 12 Packet). For Mediation, Prayer and religious Purpose. Used for conveying prayers to god every morning. Traditionally Hand Rolled With The Finest Quality Fragrances. The Scent of The Sticks Fills The Environment With Positive Energy. Each box has 12 packs containing 15 sticks incense each for convenient storage and use. Note:- Buyers will be responsible for paying their Country's Custom duties Charge, Import Charges and other Charges (If applicable). THANK YOU FOR VISITING MY SHOP. HAVE A NICE DAY!!!!! Fragrance, Masala, Sandalwood, Sandalwood Fragrance, Incense Sticks, Chandan, Scent, Home Fragrance, Packet