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"The only thing that is ultimately real about your journey is the step that you are taking at this moment. that's all there ever is." - Eckhart Tolle
Only the Present is real and eternal : )
♡What you will receive♡
4 High-Quality JPEG files with 4 different aspect ratios.
☀ 2:3 Ratio Can be printed as☀
4 x 6 Inches (10 x 15 CM)
8 x 12 Inches (20 x 30 CM)
12 x 18 Inches (30 x 45 CM)
16 x 24 Inches (40 x 60 CM)
20 x 30 Inches (50 x 76 CM)
☀ 3:4 Ratio Can be printed as☀
6 x 8 Inches (15 x 20 CM)
9 x 12 Inches (22 x 30 CM)
12 x 16 Inches (30 x 40 CM)
15 x 20 Inches (38 x 50 CM)
18 x 24 Inches (45 x 60 CM)
☀ 4:5 Ratio Can be printed as☀
4 x 5 Inches (10 x 12 Cm)
8 x 10 Inches (28 x 35 Cm)
16 x 20 Inches (40 X 50 cm)
☀ 5:7 International Ratio☀
Can be printed (ISO Standard Size: A3, A4, A5)
♡How does it work?♡
After your purchase, Etsy will immediately notify you that your downloads are available.
Simply go to your "Purchases and Reviews" to access your files!
If you have any questions about the download process, please visit Etsy’s help center:
♡Where can I print?♡
Print at home to use the prints right away!
You can buy thick matte paper at Staples or watercolor paper at your local art shop and print with your home printer.
Tip: I LOVE using watercolor paper. You don't need the thick high quality ones because printer ink could not bleed through, so get the most affordable watercolor paper you can find. The texture of it gives the prints a nice rustic look!
If you don't want the hassle, simply print at your local print shop.
♡About me♡
Hello, I'm Chelsi, a graphic and textile designer from New York City. Prior to graphic design, I was a conservator's assistant at the Metropolitan Museum of New York. I do have plenty of experiences with restoring physical and digital arts. The vintage nursery prints at my shop are all restored and designed with the utmost attention to details, colors, and aesthetics to ensure that they print beautifully.
After purchasing you will be able to download the prints right away!
You may print for personal use, but may NOT redistribute, sell or give to a third party it as your own! No attribution or link back, but I appreciate it. And I would love to see how this looks at your space! Feel free to message me on Etsy conversation!
Due to the nature of digital product returns or refunds are not possible. Please be aware and ask me any questions before purchasing. I'll be happy to answer all your questions if you have any uncertainties!
All prints in the shop are digital products only and available for instant download.
Thank you!
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