Saree Border Indian Lace Trim By The Yard, embroidered Ribbon Sari Fabric Trim-Table Runner-Art Quilt fabric trim Sari Border Silk This Amazing Lace can be used for designing stylish blouses, shrugs, skirts, tunics, festive wear, wedding wear and dresses . This beautiful lace trim is great for any sewing and craft projects. A perfect match for bridal dresses or any festive occasions ➤headband, hats ➤table runner, curtains ➤jewelry making, ➤for making a DIY belt ➤book binding embellishment, ➤desi Diy Belt, Stylish Blouses, Embroidered Ribbon, Saree Border, Amazing Lace, Festive Wear, Sari Fabric, Art Quilt, Lace Trims