two different types of arabic writing in english and arabic, with the same language on each side
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Student Dictionary, Synonyms and Antonyms قاموس الطالب في المرادفات و الأضداد

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The Student Dictionary: Synonymous and Antonyms was designed to be suitable for all ages. Through the introduction of simple, age-appropriate words, the Synonyms and Antonyms Dictionary is a must have for every student’s school supply list. Finding the perfect word for your essays and term papers shouldn’t be that difficult—now it is actually easy with the Synonyms and Antonyms Dictionary. Don’t hesitate. Buy it today as the Synonyms and Antonyms Dictionary is an essential tool for serious learners.This well organized dictionary contains 3 columns: the first contains entry words, the second contains synonyms, and the third column lists words with the opposite meaning all arranged alphabetically in the same row.
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