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an illustration of a castle with flames coming out of it
Extremely Salty About Ancient Dead Kings
Sleeping Beauty Spinning Wheel Scene
an octopus is floating in the water with other animals and people on it's back
Search 'octopus' on DeviantArt - Discover The Largest Online Art Gallery and Community
Octopus by ~TylerChampion
an image of a man with a spear on top of a giant monster in the ocean
Various Illustrations on Behance by SKINPOP Studio - Mexico | Illustration Ilustração | Desenho | Drawing | Draw | Sketch | Comic |
an octopus is in the water with two swords
2headedsnake Pawel - Fishing with octopus, 2009 The original drawings were made with pencil. The next step was to put the black color on the sketch, with the use of ink and the brush. Colors and textures are made in Photoshop. It was important for me to get the archive retro look because it adds to the melancholic mood of the illustration.
an old japanese advertisement with children's drawings on it
Tadashi Ohashi Illustration
Tadashi Ohashi illustration for Meiji Milk Chocolate
a painting of a dog with a cone on its head
'Filmhound' Art Print - Michael Sowa |
This portrait is from the movie Amelie.
two people walking across a bridge over water with plants and animals on the other side
black and white photograph of different lines
Search Results: HarperCollins Publishers
The agony and the ecstasy - the story about the cover design of Wildwood by Colin Meloy and Carson Ellis