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there is a mirror on the wall in the room
East Urban Home Great Wave Inspiration Wall Mirror White 23.6 x 23.6 x 0.24 in, Glass | Home Decor | Wayfair Canada
In an industry that has seen very little innovation over the years, it proudly brings you the exclusive collection of mirrors with printed designs. Mirror, a staple decor item in every home has now become more than just a mirror- they have become a piece of art. This unique design and exclusive technique allow for the ink to be raised a few millimetres above the mirror, yet remain scratch-proof and fade-resistant. The mirror itself is of the highest quality measuring 0.5" in thickness and provid
a person holding up several different types of buttons
Clay earrings
Earrings by @whollyhazel
a collection of jewelry is displayed on a white surface
Gorgeous Scandinavian-esque designs in blues and greens : NADA jewelry
the front cover of an ebook with text that reads 6 ways to get more visible to your ideal client
61 Ways to Get More Visible Online
I created a free guide to help you solve the problem of becoming visible online. In it, I’ve listed 61 different ways to get more visible to your ideal clients - no matter what industry you’re in, offer you have, or who your ideal client is. This guide has ideas for every niche, business, and client - and offers guidance for how to decide which is best for you so you can get out of your head and into action, today.
a kitchen with white cabinets and wooden floors, gold pendant lights above the island counter
Welcome to our Cozy Kitchen… - cozy & kin
White and Blue Seashell Wall Hanging