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a wooden table and chair next to an open briefcase
Linda Fredheim, Fine Furniture Maker
"Wedge": portable "campaign" furniture for Linda's, "Order Under Canvas" traveling exhibition.
an open suitcase filled with lots of different types of kitchen utensils and other items
Meant to last: travelling and writing by Goyard - 2LUXURY2.COM
an old fashioned wooden cabinet with many drawers and items in it's drawer area
UNPACKING by Alexander Freeling Just as the return leg of a journey seems shorter, as if the mental energy has already been spent on the outlay, and now you are being pulled magnetically back home,...
an open wooden box filled with silverware and utensils
Bonhams Cars : An English extensive picnic set for four fitted in a rectangular bound case, circa 1900, case inscribed,
a wooden desk with brass handles and drawers
Campaign Furniture | Popular Woodworking
an open brown suit case with shoes and tie in it's drawer next to a mirror
Gentlemen style — The best bag!
Gentlemen style — The best bag!
an old fashioned kitchen set with utensils and pots in it's display case
Grosser Picknickkoffer für 6 Personen England, um 1910-20. Unbezeichnet. Rechteckiger Holzkorpus,
How to Book an Appointment With Lily-Rose Depp’s Hairstylist in Los Angeles
How to Book an Appointment With Lily-Rose Depp’s Hairstylist in Los Angeles
an advertisement for the trunk with doors
W.W. Winship & H.A. Winship - Trunk Makers from the Late 1800's | Brettuns Village
Winship wardrobe trunks. compamy history