Tom Dixon Copper Shade pendant and Stua Eclipse table.


Tom Dixon Copper Shade pendant and Stua Eclipse table. Copper is king!

Tom Dixon Bubble-Etched Candleholder | Anthropologie {$80}

Tom Dixon Bubble-Etched Candleholder

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The large Hammershøi vase by Kähler is a modern reinterpretation of the classic ceramic vases that Svend Hammersøi created in the early 19th century when he worked in Kählers old workshop. His vases were characterized by distinctive furrows and that was exactly what Hans-Christian Baur had as a starting point when he created the contemporary vase collection for Kähler. The vases are available in different sizes and several subdued colors.

From Abigail Ahern's beautiful faux flowers & bouquets to modern vases from Dartington, shop our range now at Heal's.


Set the mood for style with Oslo Wood, a trendy floor lamp with a tripod base and multi-directional shade. The shade rotates around a gimbal fastened to the top of the tripod, giving it the potential to angle light in.