Impermanence is suffering. All beings are impermanent and die. Haven't you heard about the people who dies in the past? Haven't you seen any of your relatives die? Don't you notice that we grow old? And still, rather than practising the Dharma, you forget about past grief. Padmasambhava, 8th Century, Tibet

Modern Buddhist Artwork by digital collage artist Christopher Beikmann - Contemporary Buddha, yoga and meditation art

Buddha - Vertrouwen

Buddha they cannot steal or make pearls from possessions or people bodies for themselves or jewels or steal ivory bones from people or gold or diamond and not make rune in a body ever! no exceptions!

I had to do that, and know I'm happier then I've been in the past

Top 10 Zen: everyone print this out and read it everyday before you start out your day.

the more you consciously hurt someone, the more you show them how little you think of yourself.

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