Playhouse sized Lincoln Logs. THIS IS AWESOME!

Life size Lincoln Logs made out of pool noodles~ 15 pool noodles from the dollar store, cut in half, cut notches out easily, with scissors = hours and hours of fun playtime! These were my favorite toy as a kid, love the life size!

a simple + effective technique for calling all worms!

Be a Spring Explorer: 5 Nature Activities for Kids

Calling All Worms This surprisingly simple technique will unearth some surprising results! Find an area of loose, slightly moist soil (the dirt under a log or landscape timber works well) and push a to stick two to three inches into the ground.

A fairy house in a basket? MAGICAL!

A little house in a basket. How fun would it be to do fairy folk homes in baskets? - Home And Garden

yummy, healthy snacks

Fun Eating Easy to prep ahead of time for lunches or dinners when cooking something healthy and wonderful is not an option ----Got a picky toddler who doesn't like meal time? Check out these easy steps to make little nibbler trays

Nature Scavenger Hunt

A walk through the woods can take on a fun new twist when you turn it a scavenger hunt. Girls want to do a nature walk so now we can

Keeping it Simple: Indoor Kids Game Idea: Balloon Ping Pong {Kids Craft}

Keeping it Simple: Indoor Kids Game Idea: Balloon Ping Pong {Kids Craft}. My boys would have a ball with this!

Cardboard Houses

The best DIY projects & DIY ideas and tutorials: sewing, paper craft, DIY. DIY Gifts Ideas 2017 / 2018 New! Set of Nine Small Cardboard Houses -Read More -

Simple way to Create Colorful Icicles

Creating Colorful Icicles ~ Housing A Forest - not sure we have the patience required for this right now. But an idea for the future

Fairy loom/nature find storage

Fairy loom - a great idea for a place to display all those treasures the kids bring in from outside.

sandbox shade - very cool

Great idea to put a tarp / umbrella / wind sail above sand box to keep kids from getting too much sun ~ sandbox ~ pool ~ kids ~ outdoor living ~ outdoor play

35 Simple acts of kindness

35 Little Acts of Kindness

Out of the blue, send flowers to a friend - One small, thoughtful gesture can make someone else's day.