Gummi Bears, Bouncing here and there and everywhere. High adventure that's beyond compare, They are the Gummi Bears! One of my favorites.

Saved By the Bell!

MUST WATCH: Miles Fisher Pays Homage To 'Saved By The Bell' In 'New Romance' Video

Bikermice From Mars!

Mice + Biker + Martian = Throttle, Modo and Vinnie [Biker Mice from Mars]

The Real Ghost Busters

The Real Ghostbusters (Os Caça-Fantasmas) Another fave group of friends. I prefer the cartoon Ghostbusters to the live action movie Ghostbusters. They're just cleaner, for one thing.

Are You Afraid of the Dark. One of the best TV shows of my childhood.  The Midnight Society :)

Are You Afraid of the Dark? Loved this show! I would never miss an episode. I wanted to be a part of the midnight society.



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