this image reminds me of several beads in the Trollbeads family...Snowball, Winter Snow, Snowflake earrings, Snow Star earrings just to name a few... #trollbeadswishlist

She is white. She blends in with the whiteness of the cold snow and her eyes are the color of ice and can cast a glare just as cold. Her clothes are almost the same color as her skin. White and flawless. She is the Snow Queen.

Light as a feather, pure as a dove #PANDORAloves pillows and love

Feathers comfort me and keep me covered from situations that trouble my mind. Feathers are soft, colourful, used in duvets, pillows and have a lovely feeling on my skin. A lovely way to remember our Creator covers us under his feathers.

White portrait photography | inspiration for minimal design and artwork |

albino model Kriss Balch in The Project 'Creamy Beauty of Albinism' by Igor Klepnev – *Igor Klepnev is a Russian fashion photographer, Moscow.

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my Dearest LORD. i humbly ask that YOU please keep our precious loved ones, our friends, and coworkers safe, healthy and in YOUR tender JESUS most holy name i ask this.