A couple supporting Barry Goldwater in the 1964 presidental campaign. Goldwater shaped the American conservative movement from the late to 1964 by Burt Glinn

ahahah - Bet my kids this this is me in this pic. What's really scary is that it actually could be - someday?  Embrace the real you :)

Pictures of funny old people give us all a reality check that we're getting there quick. These old people are full of life as they are heading down the home stretch.


Photographer Dean Bradshaw takes a humorous slant on sport-themed advertising by replacing typically youthful models with elderly athletes. [via ufunk] Previously: Elizabethan Versions of Pop Culture Characters Pics)

You’ve probably heard someone say ‘I’m too old for that’ or ‘I can’t do that, I’m too old’. Well, you know what? Age is just a number and it’s quite evident in the extraordinary photography of Dean Bradshaw. You might know Bradshaw from his more serious photography but in this series, he decided to take […]

Age is just a number for these wrestling grandmas!


Centro Storico, Bari- handmade apron- Photo by the Sartorialist

Nakedtruth Avestruz: Cuando la hora tonta de la siesta te pilla en la playa

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