Kilde: @ikeataastrup ↓ Bom! Prøv lige at se et helt igennem eminent IKEA-hack! Jeg er dybt fascineret. Det ser ud til, at jeg endelig har fundet de skabe, jeg skal have hængende på væggen i stuen under TV'et. YES! Selvom det ser fantastisk ud i en malet udgave, så nøjes jeg med et helt rå....

the cabinet-turned mural There's your typical storage, and then there's this. Stack two sets of a pair of Ivar cabinets side by side, and paint a mural of your choosing or cover with a graphic wallpaper.

The IVAR cabinet from Ikea {the same one I bought for my TV}, seems to be one of the latest pieces launched by the swedish company, that best lends itself to being hacked. The simple shape and the ba

8 Ikea IVAR hacks (IDA Interior LifeStyle)

Hal inspiratie | lambrisering en lichte kleuren voor een rustig geheel

Beautiful modern and Scandinavian inspired entryway with a half-painted wall and some wooden coat hooks.

Lola’s Bedroom: Before and After!

Read More" Lola's Bedroom: Before & & After! -Avenue Lifestyle Avenue Lifestyle", "little ladies area", "IMG "Lola's Bedroom: Before & & Af

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