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a large wooden building sitting on top of a grass covered field under a blue sky
Gallery of ENGEL House / CMC architects - 25
the house is made out of black wood and has two large windows on each side
Award winning architecture & interiors | James Gorst Architects
a house with metal roof and glass doors
Architectenbureau in Erdőhorváti
a person sitting in front of a brick building with glass walls and windows on the outside
Midwest Modern Architecture in Michigan
glass box architecture
a man is standing in the doorway of a house with glass walls and doors on both sides
LALO Verbouwing en inrichting rijwoning
by sculp.IT architecten (Belgium)
an abandoned house in the woods with moss growing on it's roof and walls
Juxtapoz Magazine - Forgotten and Abandoned Monuments in Former Yugoslavia
Photographer Jan Kempenaers toured the countryside of former countries that made up Yugoslavia and documented old, forgotten monuments. Many of the monuments are WWII and concentration camp memorials commissioned by president Josip Broz Tito in the 60s and 70s. Following the fall of socialism they were and remain abandoned and forgotten.
a white building with a steeple and windows on the front is surrounded by trees
barn turned greenhouse
an outdoor courtyard with potted plants and chairs on the ground, surrounded by brick buildings
Uitgepuurde architectuur voor deze atelierwoning in Mariakerke - Gentcement
Raamwerk-atelierwoning-Stijn Bollaert-10
an outdoor dining area with table and chairs on the outside wall, surrounded by greenery
Marie Jose Van Hee Architecten, Varkensstraat Gent
an old brick building with lots of windows in the grass and trees around it,
Haus Babanek | Heinz Bienefeld | Architekturfotografie | Porträtfotografie | Dortmund | Ruhrgebiet | NRW |
Cornelia Suhan Architekturfotografie - Internationale Architekturfotografin und Porträtfotografin aus Duisburg.
an old stone building with two windows on the side and mountains in the back ground
Roduit House renovation: Modern stonewalls - Modern Architecture
Amazing renovation of an old stone house in Chamoson, Switzerland with exposed concrete and a delicate touch of contemporary design by Savio Fabrizzi.
a brick building with large windows on the outside
De vrijheid van land en hoeve
Home Sweet Home » De vrijheid van land en hoeve
an outdoor courtyard with potted plants and chairs on the ground, surrounded by brick buildings
raamwerk architecten / atelier-woning klaar, mariakerke