Rebecca Ademi
Rebecca Ademi
Rebecca Ademi

Rebecca Ademi

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Can't seem to find the artist, and this was listed under tatoos. However, I love the concept here of an First Nations woman on feathers.

Tattoo / Ink / Quote / Sketch / Art - "skin of a lady; heart of a hunter"

Meconopsis grandis Art Print

gorgeous doodle in black with circles ... and three bright blue flowers ... beautiful and dramatic ...

Virgo Zodiac Tattoos | Virgo with blue flowers tattoo

This is it!!! Different flowers and a little bit of alterations of course but this is it!!! @Jess Liu Foshee

Dream Catcher. I adore this, minus the roses.

Tattoo in memory of my Dad

Okay guys, I actually said this in my speech at my Dad's memorial crazy, and somewhat tempting. I probably wouldn't really get this as a tattoo, but it does inspire me, because I've been wracking my brain trying to think of a tattoo to get in memory of my Dad. -Mackie

Never would think of actually getting a tattoo but this kind of changed my mind...