Indonesian Food. Lemper. Sticky Rice Rolls filled with Chicken. (Recipe in Dutch)

Lemper, Sticky Rice Rolls filled with Chicken. - Sweet and Delicious Indonesian Traditional Food.

INDONESIAN FOOD - Rempeyek Grandmother and her best friend made delicious!

Rempeyek Kacang - A Indonesian peanut snack which is delicious as a snack with your aperative as well as a small accomplicement with your meal. It looks like a small thin "cookie" and is prepared much in the same way as American pancakes.

Indonesian sambal telur, chili eggs

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saté babi - Indonesian food

What to eat in Indonesia? Best indonesian food list - Food you should try

Pepesan |

Pepesan - Gekruide, pittige makreel uit de oven - Spicy mackerel from the oven

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