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Toilet Paper Cars


Újabb vécépapír-gurigás ötlet megvalósításába kezdtem: valamikor még régen a net egyik távoli, sötét sarkában láttam kisautókat, amelyeket ebből az alapanyagból készített egy különösen kreatív felhasználó. Már akkor szöget ütött a fejembe a dolog, de mivel a Kisebbik akkoriban még játszás helyett előszeretettel fogyasztotta a papírgurigákat, elhalasztottam a megvalósítást, egészen mostanáig. Gurigák szokás szerint nagy számban álltak rendelkezésre, színes papírok, ragasztók és kartonok…

Coloring w/ Cars

Zooming Pens | Kids' Crafts | Fun Craft Ideas

This fun toy car activity involves both art and play for toddlers and preschoolers. Simply fasten colored markers to toy cars and let kids zoom away with colorful lines.

Kid made giant maze - so fun

From maps to mazes and amazing teamwork

Promote collaboration in your classroom with a cardboard maze! Have you ever noticed the similarities between road maps and mazes? We have been exploring the connection between the two in our preschool classroom... Begin with a Book We began our day by reading the book Along a Long Road by Frank Viva.

Traffic Light Bean Bag Toss

Stoplight Beanbag Toss - I Can Teach My Child!

This is a super-easy activity that teaches colors too! Here's what you'll need: 3 pieces of construction paper (red, yellow, and green), a piece of

From now on, I shall not throw away card board boxes, all the fun things you can make for your kids.  The ideas are endless.

Automobiles from Busytown!

Some months ago, the Australian company Makedo sent me a free kit to play with. They wrote and mentioned the words "cardboard" and "play"...

"Car"d game - makes "playing with toy cars" more purposeful and promotes many different cognitive skills! LOVE IT!

"Car"d Game - Toddler Approved

If I had to choose only 1 type of toy for my son to play, it would, without question, be matchbox cars. He spends hours each day playing with them - and much of that play includes "lining them up". I decided it would be fun to create a game based on his current passion,Continue Reading

Learning the alphabet is more fun for your little one when he can practice writing letters in sand with his Hot Wheels!

Simple Toddler Pre Writing Activities

Learning the alphabet is more fun for your little one when he can practice writing letters in sand with his Hot Wheels!

plein de jeux pour les ateliers autonomes. (modèle de tangram, tours Duplo, puzzles numériques,...

Jeux pour ateliers autonomes chez Pierrick (1) - école petite section

Je profite de ce jour de rentrée pour t'envoyer plein de jeux pour les ateliers autonomes. Il s'agit de différents jeux à construire et en version modifiables trouvés par ci par là en fouillant sur le net (modèle de tangram, tours Duplo, puzzles numériques,...

Begeleide of zelfstandige activiteit - Wastraat

Kindermassagekaarten - Hip & Hot - blogazine

Sterre is een meisje dat af en toe moeilijk in slaap komt. Een meisje met gedachten, die haar plagen als ze ‘s avonds in haar bed ligt. Ze vraagt vaak of we haar in slaap willen “kriebelen”. Toen ik deze kindermassagekaarten ontdekte, wist ik dus meteen dat dit iets voor haar zou zijn. Ik zette […]

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Transportation Preschool Pack

A lapbook learning pack for preschoolers with games that contains early learning printables to use when studying about transportation. Includes: colors, counting, tracing, word cards, first letter sounds, shadow matching and more.