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a man with a mustache and moustache is featured in this ad for the national museum
Today we celebrate the birth of the father of our nation, who, through his invincible determination and perseverance made it possible to give us this beautiful homeland. PSO salutes Quaid-e-Azam's vision and struggle without which Pakistan would not have been possible. Let’s pledge today to follow his guidance for a prosperous future of our nation. #PSO #EveryJourneyBeginsHere #Jinnah #QuaideAzam
a poster with an image of a green tie and pen on top of lined paper
#PSO pays tribute to the innocent APS martyrs. Our hearts go out to their families. We will always remember their sacrifice. Prayers for them and their families. #NeverAgain
PSO on 9th November, pays tribute to the great poet who dreamt about Pakistan. #PSO #EveryJourneyBeginsHere #Iqbal #IqbalDay Social Media, Allama Iqbal, Typography Fonts, Ebook Pdf, Commercial Construction, Dark Art Photography, Pins
PSO on 9th November, pays tribute to the great poet who dreamt about Pakistan. #PSO #EveryJourneyBeginsHere #Iqbal #IqbalDay
an advertisement for pakistan's clean sweep win against sri lanka, featuring five men in green uniforms
Congratulations to Team Pakistan on a commendable performance and for revitalizing the spirit of cricket. The boys made the nation proud by whitewashing the series gracefully and for that you have our gratitude. #PSO #EveryJourneyBeginsHere #PakVSSL
the front cover of a book with an image of a man's face and pakistan flag
Let’s recall our great leader, Jinnah on his 69th death anniversary. His hard work, determination and unerring leadership made him a legend and father of our nation. Today, let’s honor his legacy and promise to follow his footsteps to make this nation a better place to live. #Quaid #Jinnah #PSO #EveryJourneyBeginsHere
a man smiling with the caption'our people our pride'in front of him
Our People our Pride - a compilation of inspiring stories inculcating the tale of hard work and accomplishments of our people. PSO is on the road to proudly highlight the resilient and diligent people of our beloved homeland. #PSO #EveryJourneyBeginsHere
a man in a car with his mouth open and looking out the window at something
Pakistan State Oil
Pakistan State Oil
a black and white photo with the words, express heartbeat conditions to the victims of lahoree blast
#PSO extends its heartfelt condolences to families and victims of Lahore Blast
congratulations to the team pakistan we love you
there are many men in green uniforms posing for a team photo with the trophy behind them
a green earth with a tree on top and the words happy earth day
Let's pledge to make this world greener and a better place to live. How are you celebrating Earth Day? #PSO #Earthday2017
an advertisement for pakistan's day celebrations with the eiffel tower in the background
Our competition ends here! Thank you for sending us your entries at Canvas Pakistan. Results will be announced soon. Stay tuned with us. #PSO #CanvasPakistan
an advertisement with a hand holding a megaphone and the words just more day for the competition to end have you sent us your entry?
If you haven’t sent us your entry yet, do it NOW! Hurry Up! It's just one day left to submit your entry and get a chance to WIN exciting prizes. Click here to submit your entries: http://bit.ly/2nuF3yd #PSO #PakistanDay #CanvasPakistan
an advertisement for the pakistan day
23rd March was very well observed in Pakistan with various patriotic parades and Pakistan Air Force show. Were you a part of any? Let us know how you celebrated Pakistan Day by sending us your entries at Canvas Pakistan. Click here to submit your entries: http://bit.ly/2nuF3yd #PSO #PakistanDay #CanvasPakistan
an advertisement for pakistan resolution day with the flag and tower in the background, surrounded by flags
Here comes the day we all were waiting to celebrate! Keep sending us your videos/pictures of the celebrations in order to be the lucky winner of Pakistan Day competition. Click here to submit your entries: http://bit.ly/2nuF3yd #PSO #PakistanDay #CanvasPakistan