Skaters, Holland

ice skating:netherlands - The Dutch ice skaters rocked the olympics in Sotchi. also well known because of the "Elfstedentocht".

Dutch silver jewelry from Zeeland, the Netherlands. It's called "Zeeuws knoopje"

Dutch silver jewelry from Zeeland, the Netherlands. It's called "Zeeuws knoopje"ring heb ik ook gehad was zeer populair.

o kom er eens kijken

Old picture of a child who finds presents in her shoe from Sinterklaas (a traditional dutch winter holiday figure like santa) We left our shoes outside the door when we lived in Germany.


Netherlands- Sinterklaas is St. Nicholas in the Netherlands. Dutch children put wooden shoes filled with hay and sugar for Sinterklaas' horse. Good children receive shoes full of sweet treats as a child we would sing to Sinterklaas.


Sinterklaas - gives presents to all kids on December He lives in Spain and comes to Holland on a steam ship. He rides on a white horse on the rooftops. The presents are thrown in the chimney's by Zwarte Piet, the assistant of Sinterklaas.

Febo - Vending machine with Dutch fastfood

FEBO uit de muur eten - Febo is a Dutch snack bar chain that offers its fast food in a vending machine. We call that: 'uit de muur eten' (eating from the wall).

Oliebollen en appelflappen

Oliebollen en appelflappen (a Dutch habbit to eat this treat on newyearsday)

nice story on wooden shoes

Dutch Village - Holland, Michigan, USA - Love this place! The klompen maker.


“Originally orange-white-blue, the Dutch flag first appeared in the century as a symbol of the resistance to Spanish rule.” The Dutch flag – Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs