koude kleuren

Colors are so beautiful, Drawing is one ofthe best things ! This is a picture of watercolors this picture has some warm colors for example (Red, Pink, and orange) and some cool colors like ( Green, Blue and purple) ~Holly Kell


tints and shades of Aqua. Really don& want rigid colors in the wedding. Would much rather have a range of colors like this. Emphasis on patterns and textures, not actual color.

primaire kleuren

Acrylic Painting Techniques - How to Paint with Acrylics

Are you ready to take your artwork to the next level? Want to start painting on canvas but don't know what to paint or what to use?

secundaire kleuren

secundaire kleuren

vervreemdende kleur

'The Tower of Blue Horses' (Der Turm der blauen Pferde) Expressionist oil painting by German artist Franz Marc 1913