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a concrete bench sitting on top of a tiled floor
concrete | A Tognon
the building is made out of concrete and has large windows
Kunstdepot door Anne Holtrop weerspiegelt omgeving op bijzondere wijze
a stone wall and wooden post in an empty room with large windows on the far side
Thomas Randall-Page transforms Devon barn into light-filled artist's studio
two pictures showing different angles of wood and the same piece of wood that has been cut in half
I had to stare at this a few minutes to see how it works. makes a very strong leg from the looks of it and easy enough to make.
the drawing shows how to make an open cabinet
Holzverbindungen für metallfreie Möbel die Sie kennen sollten | Grüne Erde
Lasche mit Spannkeil | Grüne Erde Holzverbindung | Grüne Erde
an image of two cement pillars with grass growing out of them and the height of each one
Anforderungen an Pfostenträger – Was ist zu beachten?
Anforderungen an Pfostenträger - Was ist zu beachten?
the wood is being assembled to make a bench