Quinten Vrijburg

Quinten Vrijburg

Quinten Vrijburg
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Tactical Military - Adjust To Fit Any Size Army Vest

51783 Hot New Hunting Military Airsoft MOLLE Nylon Combat Paintball Tactical Vest Outdoor Products hunting Vest Nylon Vests

Digital Pot - Tamagotchi plant? digitale pot verteld wat je plant nodig heeft #plant #grappig #gadget #hebbeding

Pet Plant: this high tech pot reads soil for nutrients, humidity, and temperature. Then the LCD screen displays a face showing how the plant 'feels'. This would probably be the only way to keep a plant alive under my care.

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Do You Have Your Survival Gear Ready In A Bug Out Bag? Do You Have Your Gadgets And Tactical Weapons For A Major Emergency Or Event? The Apocalypse Might Not Be Coming But Emergency Preparedness For Camping, Hiking, Backpacking, And Fishing Are Important. What If Your Trip Takes An Unexpected Turn For The Worst? DIY And Homemade Tools, Weapons, And Cool Backpacks To Help You Be Survival Ready.

The CellVault protects batteries and other critical gear while keeping it accessible and organized. The integrated webbing clip allows you to access the CellVault’s contents without removing it, or you can quickly detach it for more control.