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Which Is Your Favorite Bromance In Literature?

Sherlock. Do yourself a favor and start watching this insanely good series. And be ready. Your life will never be the same. (On Netflix, bbc, masterpiece on pbs)

The Empty Hearse// Everyone calls Sherlock a jerkwad for this scene, but OH MY GOSH would you just look closer!!! When you're hurt, you say things you don't mean. John was hurt and Sherlock wasn't sure if he was even wanted anymore. He needed a true, once-and-for-all answer. And the one he got brought him to tears. Don't call him heartless, don't call him a jerkwad. It was the best thing he could have done, for both of them.

Sherlock and John kissing in the rain by BUTT THEN

I love how Sherlock is blocking the view with his hand, like maybe someone is taking a photo if them.

It’s the little details that make this show so good…

Desperately trying not to hyperventilate at Johnlock right now<<< not even in this ship but that's just hilarious

someone give me an #ishipitseries or #ishipitfilm picutre with this text post or I WILL DO IT MYSELF

Photo (In a hole in the ground...)

so at about two last night when i was in bed my sister was like, "Lainne i need to ask you something important" and i was like, "ok what is it" and she just whispered, "do you ship Johnlock" XD

John Henry Humphrey Higgins Hamish Watson

Defensively Heterosexual John Watson memes | quickmeme